Video Tutorials

Below is a list of video tutorials currently available. Please contact Board staff if you have any questions on the material presented here, or any difficulties viewing the videos.
More Training Videos Are in Development!

The Campaign Finance Reporter software videos are short, rarely more than 3 minutes long, and to the point. The videos show step by step use of the software on specific functions. Additional videos will be released, but the core functionality of entering contributions as well as generating reports is covered in the nine current videos.

The compliance training modules are longer, generally about 20 minutes in length. If possible the modules should be watched in the order listed as the later modules assume you know about terms and concepts discussed in earlier modules. Within each module there is a menu that allows you to jump to a particular topic so that the videos can be used for a refresher or review of a particular issue. More videos on campaign expenditures, non-campaign disbursements, public subsidy, and other topics of interest are under development and will be added periodically

Campaign Finance Reporter Software Tutorials

Campaign Finance Compliance Training Modules

Training Modules for Candidate Committees

Training Modules for Political Committees, Political Funds, and Political Party Units