Lobbyist Principal Issues

What is a lobbyist principal?

An individual or association that:

(1) spends more than $500 in the aggregate in any calendar year to engage a lobbyist, compensate a lobbyist, or authorize the expenditure of money by a lobbyist; or

(2) is not included in (1) and spends a total of at least $50,000 in any calendar year on efforts to influence legislative action, administration action, or the official action of metropolitan governmental units, as defined in Minn. Stat. 10A.01, subd. 24.

Individuals or associations represented by lobbyists are presumed to be principals unless they establish otherwise.

When is this lobbyist principal report due?

March 15 covering the period January 1 through December 31 of the previous year.

What does a lobbyist principal have to report?

You must report the total amount, rounded to the nearest $20,000, spent on lobbying efforts attributable to activities of the principal relating to attempts to influence legislative action, administrative action, or official action of metropolitan governmental units in Minnesota including all expenditures for: advertising, mailing, research, analysis, compilation and dissemination of information, public relations campaigns, and all salaries and administrative expenses.

What if there are no expenditures to report?

A lobbyist principal must file a periodic report even though no expenditures were made during the reporting period covered.  Enter $0 on the "Total amount spent" line, sign the report, and mail or fax the report to the Board office.

Principal notification to lobbyist

The lobbyist's employer (principal) must notify the designated lobbyist at least five days before a lobbyist reporting date about the employer's receipts or expenditures in the categories listed above. The lobbyist's employer must maintain records to support this notification.

When do lobbyists file reports?

Twice a year on:

  June 15, for the period January 1 through May 31, and

January 15, for the period June 1 through December 31

May I give or direct my lobbyist to give a gift to an official?

A lobbyist principal and their lobbyist are prohibited from giving gifts to officials. For more information see the Board's website at www.cfboard.state.mn.us/lobby/GIFTPRIM.pdf or call the Board office at 651/296-1720 or 800/657-3889.

May we pay contingent fees?

Compensation to a lobbyist that is dependent upon the result or outcome of any legislative, administrative, or metropolitan governmental unit action is prohibited.



Administrative Action

An action by any public official, board, commission or agency of the executive branch to adopt, amend or repeal a rule under Minn. Stat. Ch. 14 as well as application of adopted rules in cases of rate setting, power plant, and powerline sitting and granting of certificates of need under of Minn. Stat. Ch. 216B.243.

Legislative Action

Any action by either house of the legislature, committee, or subcommittee with regard to any bill, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment or report. Includes gubernatorial approval or veto of any bill.

Metropolitan Governmental Unit

Any of the seven counties in the metropolitan area as defined in section 473.121, subd. 2; a regional railroad authority established by one or more of those counties under section 398A.03; a city with a population of over 50,000 located in the seven-county metropolitan area; the metropolitan council; or a metropolitan agency as defined in section 473.121, subd. 5a.