The disclosure calendar is intended to assist Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board clients in meeting the requirement of Chapter 10A. The Board reminds filers of due dates and mails periodic reports to the treasurer of record in the campaign finance program and to lobbyists and lobbyist principals. In addition, the Board provides public officials with a copy of their most recent Economic Interest Statement to assist them in filing a Supplemental Statement, if necessary. However, it is incumbent on the filer to familiarize themselves with the statutory dates. Contact Joyce Larson at 651-539-1188 or 800-657-3889 if you have questions about filing dates.

The Board meeting calendar is provided to assist clients in knowing when matters they are interested in may come before the Board. Call Gary Goldsmith at 651-539-1190 or 800-657-3889 or by e-mail at if you would like to schedule an appointment to appear at a Board meeting.